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Apartment Amsterdam-Zuid

The team of Céline van Haaren Interiors consulted our specialty of shaping interiors. We had the honor to shape the en-suite bathroom with a gray/beige micro cement by shaping the floor in a grey-beige waterproof lime plaster. The bathroom wall is finished with waterproof and hard-wearing lime plaster to complete the urban plaster composition. Our team is both grateful for the assignment and proud to have shared our expertise and craftsmanship.


Photography: Jurrit van der Waal

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In the Amsterdam-Zuid, an apartment has been reconstructed after the design of Céline van Haaren Interiors. Céline and her team created a comfortable home with a calming, sophisticated appearance. The urban house consists of a story with a kitchen, dining area, living room, and study. On the second story, a loft-like atmosphere was created which was strengthened by the open space where the dormitory, bathroom, and walk-in closet can be found.


The project of Céline van Haaren Interiors is part of 35 exceptional apartments and lofts in Belgium and the Netherlands that were covered by The Art of Living for the hardcover book called Apartments & Lofts III.

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